Belami – Riff Dornan and Mark Laysson

The early bird may catch the worm, but it seems that there is plenty left over for the sleepy-heads as well as Mark and Riff wake up late for the sightseeing trip in Spain, only to find that everyone has left without them. Whatever are they going to do!

In true BelAmi fashion, the pair find other ways to keep themselves entertained, as it is not often they are left with the house to themselves.  Riff is the top in this scene, teaching the younger Mark how things are supposed to work on a BelAmi vacation.

The eagle-eyed may notice that we have relegated our Sun&Sangria title to our documentary series, and will present the scenes as they will appear in the movies.  Today’s scene forms part of our Casa del Amor movie under the wider House of BelAmi project.  The series trailer also debuts this week and you can find it on the member area of the website.

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