Belami – Torsten Ullman, Jens Christensen and Olaf Mortensen

Firstly, I’ll apologize for making you all wait so long for this scene after part 1 came out 2 weeks ago, but today we rejoin feuding (and making up) couple Torsten and Olaf as Olaf gets his way and the highly anticipated threesome with Jens becomes a reality. Of course, we all guessed the reason Olaf wanted this to happen, as for him, 2 dicks are always going to be better than one, and it turns out that Torsten really doesn’t mind sharing his boyfriend’s mouth and ass with sexy and hung Jens. Olaf surely is at his slutty best here and can’t get enough of the pair of jocks as they take turns stuffing his mouth  full of dick and then pounding his sweet and hungry hole.

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