CockyBoys – Collin Merp & Lane Colten

Collin Merp makes his CockyBoys debut with Exclusive Lane Colten and it’s easy to see how much they’ve been looking forward to this. Collin is especially happy, smiling as Lane goes down on his big dick and eagerly gives his huge cock the same passionate blowjob. Collin is even happier when Lane mounts his cock and rides him because liker the cocksucking, Collin can watch it happen in the mirror.

 When Collin takes Lane to bed he focuses on fucking him every which way and his passion increases as Lane gets more vocal about having his big dick inside him. Finally, when he plows Lane on his back again, Collin shoots all over him—and in turn Lane cums too leaving him breathless. After even more kissing, Collin makes his feelings quite clear: “I fucking loved it! That was great!”

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