CockyBoys – Go With The Flow: Devin Franco & Theo Brady

Devin Franco-Theo Brady Description

CockyBoys continues its new series Jake Jaxson’s GO WITH THE FLOW! in which models change up their drab lives with the Go With The Flow line of “influencer-formulated, AI designed solutions for living a life worth lying about!” In “Can Do Hard Things” stressed and overworked Theo Brady needs a boost for his dick and gets it big time from the “Make It Hard” cock ring!

 Theo’s demanding boss Devin Franco sees how well Theo’s new gear works when he brings Theo take-home work and finds him waiting with hard cock in hand and demanding a blowjob!  Work roles are instantly reversed and Devin does what he’s told and sucks Theo—and that’s just for starters!As commanded, Devin strips for Theo, flexes for him and bends over for ass eating.

 Devin isn’t so sure about getting fucked because he says he’s usually a top, but Theo’s big dick energy dissolves Devin’s hesitancy and he becomes a fuck-happy bottom, pounded at length by Theo. Devin winds up riding Theo who’s so in total control he strokes him to orgasm and milks him dry—and then gives the cum-hungry bottom a big facial. Will this switch-up now change their work dynamic?

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