CockyBoys – Lane Colten & River Wilks

CockyBoys continues “Between Friends”, a special series with real-life fuck buddies and/or those who were drawn to each other to create an intimate connection which deeply affects the kind of sex they have. This time you’ll the connection unfold before your eyes.

Sometimes a connection comes in an instant–as it was when Exclusive Lane Colten met River Wilks in his CockyBoys debut! Lane’s intuition was correct as River opens up about wanting to be dominated—and Lane makes it happen. When River sucks his huge cock, Lane expresses his dominance vocally and then physically with take-charge foreplay.

Lane fucks River and elicits vocal responses from him which get more vivid and ecstatic as he plows harder. When Lane asks him to ride his cock, River is thrilled, but their connection is sealed when he fucks River on his back and they stare into each other’s eyes. Finally,  they explode in intense gushing orgasms one after the other, leaving them completely wiped out with Lane confirming, “I’d say we’re friends now” —to which River agrees.

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