Gaycest: INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER Tape 1 – Serg’s Welcome

For my son Serg’s birthday this year, my best friend and I bought a Spanish soccer team that the boy is a huge die hard fan of. I assumed that I might get a ‘thank you’ in return, but what he gave me was… well, a little different.

You see, I’d dropped Serg off at the soccer facility to meet the team. I had to finish some important work at the clinic that I run, so I left the boy in the care of newly hired Coach Patrick. I knew the former Premier League soccer star had a bit of a sexually scandalous past, and in hindsight, I definitely should have known better than to leave him alone with my son.

I returned to the soccer facility a bit earlier than I had originally anticipated. I walked into the place and nobody seemed to be around. So I checked the games room and I shit you not, Coach Patrick was eleven-inches deep inside my twink son’s round bubble butt.

Those horny little bastards at least looked guilty. Regardless, I knew that they both had to suffer the consequences. I commanded the tearful, pleading Coach to wipe his face and get on his knees. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I was red-hot mad. But my cock was also raging hard.

So many options for their rightful punishment raced through my mind. I decided that the fair move was to straight up stretch out Coach Patrick’s hole with my cock and make him fucking squeal—while my son watched…!

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