ScoutBoys: SCOUT NOAH Chapter 3 – The Hike

It feels weird to admit to having had a crush on a boy my own age—I’d always been exclusively into older guys—but the more I looked at Scout Mike, the more I found myself wanting him. I was pretty sure he was a virgin and I rapidly became obsessed with the idea of being his first.

We had a bit of free time one afternoon, so Mike and I headed out into the woods and I don’t really know how it happened, but suddenly we found ourselves making out and my fantasy was rapidly becoming a reality.

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I undid his belt and pushed down his pants, falling to my knees in the process. His dick wasn’t actually fully hard yet, but its size was already making my eyes water. I felt a rush of insane excitement as it began to stiffen in my mouth.

And then something suddenly seemed to come over him. It was like a carnal instinct took control. He pulled me to my feet and pushed me against a tree before squatting behind me and shoving his big wet tongue into my ass.

Then, the main event. He didn’t ask permission. He just pushed his dick into me. He lost his virginity, still half-dressed in his Scout uniform. Without romance, without nerves and without ceremony.

I looked behind and saw that he was gritting his teeth. He was trying to bang me as hard as possible. It was a pleasantly pervy change to have someone simply use me only for his own pleasure.

He went harder and faster and then pulled out of me, jerking himself until I felt his warm spunk squirting all over my lower back. The boy’s a natural.

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